Legal Helpline

Professional Individual Members of People Dancing receive the benefit of a Legal Helpline through Abbey Legal Protection. The legal helpline is provided by Markel Law LLP. It offers free and unlimited access to a qualified legal advisor on any day-to-day legal issues. The service is 24/7 and free. Members can seek legal advice on all matters of European Law (including Commercial Law, Employment Law, Licensing, Health and Safety, Taxation and VAT).  

See below for some examples of the type of enquiries:

  • Data Protection – GDPR – members are able to gain advice on the new data protection rules and how they may apply to them in their work. Advice and additional factsheets and template documents can be made available
  • Commercial Contracts  – legal helpline can help with issues regarding contract of employment or service, including freelance contracts and provide templates adapted to meet specific needs
  • Copyright – the helpline can explain and advise on the principles of copyright infringement
  • Music licences – specifically enquiries regarding the legal requirements to have licences for music being played - the helpline can explain the legal principals including how the licensing authorities usually deal with sole traders.
  • Debt Collection – for advice on how to proceed in chasing payment for work. The helpline can advise on the options, detailing likely costs and risks of options.

 Please contact us for a copy of the latest schedule.

Abbey Legal Helpline:  0345 458 6810

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